Hottest Gift in the FLX This Year?

It’s the holidays, and we’re a Prime household like millions of others. But y’know what, Amazon will be OK if some of us keep it local this year.

But how? Shopping local usually means shopping in-person, which is a good thing, right? But if you’ve been in some of the big-box stores this December, you know they are crowded. They will be OK too. But the start-ups, the mom-and-pops, the independent retailers, the restaurants. How do we support them?

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I’ve been hearing and seeing a lot in local media, and directly from business owners themselves – if you want to support the Finger Lakes now, a great way is to buy gift cards and gift certificates.

Some gift-givers dismiss gift cards as an easy way out. And of course, giving an actual gift or experience from a Finger Lakes business is always welcome. But in this case, gift cards make perfect sense: Local businesses need our support now, and gift cards allow recipients to use them whenever they wish; like maybe when things feel a little less 2020-ish.

A quick search gave me ideas for everything from touring companies, to coffee, to casinos, to other things that don’t even start with a “c.” So if you’re still trying to wrap up that holiday shopping list, look around the Finger Lakes region for businesses offering gift cards. And feel free to send one to your friendly neighborhood Finger Lakes blogger. Or, just Like and share this post, and that will make my day. Happy Holidays!

What’s your take on gift cards? Let’s talk about it in the Comments section!

2 thoughts on “Hottest Gift in the FLX This Year?

  1. I love getting gift cards and I’m hoping for more this holiday! A great Finger Lakes gift card would be a Crush Tour of some of the Finger Lakes wineries where a driver takes you and others to several wineries for a day. Wonderful gift!


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