About This Blog

I like telling people where to go.

FLX and Beyond is a blog dedicated to travel. If you’ve never been to the Finger Lakes region of New York State before, my hope is that this blog can be your jumping-off point for ideas on what to do and see.

Since some readers might be from this area as well, I try to stay away from non-stop listicles (your Top 7 Things…), but instead look to uncover places and things that locals can appreciate too. Thanks for joining me!

About the Blogger

Hi, I’m JT! I’ve been a professional writer for almost twenty years, and in that time pretty much none of it has involved travel writing. That needed to change. I grew up traveling sporadically, but travel wasn’t always an addiction. A few day trips here, a weekend there. But then, a conference somewhere I’ve never been? Count me in. Twenty-four straight hours on planes and in airports? Done it. After visiting three continents and most of the Eastern U.S., as soon as I come back from one trip, I need to start planning the next. I could stop anytime I want to, and in fact life provides plenty of distractions, roadblocks and challenges to that (I’m looking at you, COVID-19). But, why stop? The world is just too big and amazing.

I credit my time living in New York City with igniting the flame of travel. I love where I’m from, but when I made the choice to move to a richly diverse city, I realized how big the world was, and that I wanted to see as much of it as possible. And now that I have a family, I want to share it with them, too. Returning to the Finger Lakes, NY region to live I had a second realization – traveling in your own backyard is just as fulfilling as venturing to the far reaches of the globe. Plus, it’s awesome here! I contend the Finger Lakes region is as beautiful and vibrant as anywhere in the world and this blog is set out to prove it. So, get over here! I appreciate you joining me.

P.S. – I also write about other stuff*! I’m available for freelance assignments and contract work. Contact me and I’ll be happy to send you the link to my online portfolio.

* “stuff” includes resume re-writes, marketing collateral for a variety of industries, product and service reviews, instructional design, and more.

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