Hottest Gift in the FLX This Year?

It’s the holidays, and we’re a Prime household like millions of others. But y’know what, Amazon will be OK if some of us keep it local this year. But how? Shopping local usually means shopping in-person, which is a good thing, right? But if you’ve been in some of the big-box stores this December, youContinue reading “Hottest Gift in the FLX This Year?”

Independent Bookstores in the Finger Lakes

It’s been said that to be a good writer, it helps to be a good reader. It’s also been said that to be a good reader it helps to have a bottle of Finger Lakes wine nearby. OK I made up that part, even though it’s a theory worth testing. And, hell, it might evenContinue reading “Independent Bookstores in the Finger Lakes”

I Brake for Roadside Farm Stands

One of the great things about living in the Finger Lakes is being so close to the source of many of the foods we eat. According to the NYS Department of Agriculture and Markets, New York is home to over 33,000 family farms. You can drive a few minutes outside of most cities in ourContinue reading “I Brake for Roadside Farm Stands”

It’s Apple-Picking Time in the Finger Lakes

New Yorkers love their apples, whether it’s the Big Apple, or the dozens of edible varieties that come from trees. Makes sense, since the apple is the official state fruit. Upstate in particular loves apple picking, which should be no surprise since we have so many great orchards in our backyard. With summer’s heat waning,Continue reading “It’s Apple-Picking Time in the Finger Lakes”

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